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Cool your home the natural, energy-efficient way

Improve the air quality and comfort of your home with simple, smart ventilation solutions from Tamarack;
If the noise from your air conditioner or the heat in your house is keeping you awake in the evening while there is fresh, cool air outside, you should consider a Whole House Fan. Our fans have powerful twin motors that quickly draw fresh air in through open windows, then out via attic vents. They feature dual automated doors that close to an R50 insulated when turned off which is ideal for our Canadian climate.

Garage Fans: expel carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes from your garage or other areas by installing one of these fans through your exterior wall. Ideal for sealed Canadian home constructions.
Return Air Pathways: Balance the air pressure between rooms to minimze cold and hot spots by installed our baffled vents which allow air to circulate without transfering sound or light.
Cape Backdraft Dampers: One-way flow valves which prevent outside air from entering the home through open vents with no mechanical parts, no maintenance and no noise.

Save energy $'s and reduce your carbon footprint


Tamarack fans are manufactured in the USA and come with a 3-year limited warranty. All electronic components are UL and/or CSA approved.

Shipments may originate from the U.S. or from Canada depending on current stocks without affecting our advertised prices or shipping costs unless otherwise noted. We handle all costs and documentation requirements on imported goods.